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Mom Life, Yo! The Boobs Episode - How to use 'em, How to Dress 'em, How We Feel about them!

Posted by Shilpa Rajpara on

BOOBS: How to use 'em, How to dress 'em, How we feel about them! Guests Shilpa Rajpara & Lindsey Shipley - Mom Life Yo!

This episode is all about the boobies. We cover Breastfeeding, Fitness & Fashion. First, Breastfeeding myths debunked! How to keep up your milk supply & Much more with RN & Owner of Lactation Link, Lindsey Shipley. We also chat with Shilpa Rajpara, owner of NAYALI, her new athleisure line for D cup and UP! Finally, something pretty for the woman who's cup runneth over.

Below are links to the episode on iTunes & Soundcloud. Episode also lives on our site & is the featured episode on the MOM LIFE YO App. 

iTunes Link


Soundcloud Link


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